[dm-crypt] Computer locking up on heavy disk IO

heinrich5991 at gmail.com heinrich5991 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 1 10:52:48 CEST 2017


I've noticed that my computer performs worse than optimal in cases of
much disk IO. Now that I tried to use dd to securely erase a large disk
(as in 2.19 of the FAQ at
the computer completely locked up after half a minute or so. Before
locking up one completely, it showed high load (>80) and high io wait. I
was able to reboot the computer using Magic SysRq sequences, although
they had a big delay.

Previously, I tried to see how fast the drive can go and just dd'ed
/dev/zero directly onto it. The computer handled that one fine, disk
transfer averaged out at ~150MiB/s.

    # Tests are approximate using memory only (no storage IO).
    PBKDF2-sha1      1016062 iterations per second for 256-bit key
    PBKDF2-sha256    1432480 iterations per second for 256-bit key
    PBKDF2-sha512     976327 iterations per second for 256-bit key
    PBKDF2-ripemd160  815377 iterations per second for 256-bit key
    PBKDF2-whirlpool  580606 iterations per second for 256-bit key
    #     Algorithm | Key |  Encryption |  Decryption
            aes-cbc   128b   655.6 MiB/s  2261.2 MiB/s
        serpent-cbc   128b    80.7 MiB/s   323.3 MiB/s
        twofish-cbc   128b   186.4 MiB/s   352.1 MiB/s
            aes-cbc   256b   481.6 MiB/s  1724.6 MiB/s
        serpent-cbc   256b    80.7 MiB/s   323.2 MiB/s
        twofish-cbc   256b   186.4 MiB/s   351.9 MiB/s
            aes-xts   256b  1956.1 MiB/s  1965.6 MiB/s
        serpent-xts   256b   332.8 MiB/s   316.9 MiB/s
        twofish-xts   256b   345.8 MiB/s   347.2 MiB/s
            aes-xts   512b  1526.4 MiB/s  1522.7 MiB/s
        serpent-xts   512b   333.4 MiB/s   316.8 MiB/s
        twofish-xts   512b   345.5 MiB/s   346.7 MiB/s


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