[dm-crypt] help mounting partitions in an encrypted disk after first reboot

Arno Wagner arno at wagner.name
Sun Jun 18 21:03:55 CEST 2017

On Sun, Jun 18, 2017 at 20:45:17 CEST, Michael Kjörling wrote:
> On 18 Jun 2017 17:40 +0200, from arno at wagner.name (Arno Wagner):
> > A fix might be to just call "partprobe" after opening the
> > LUKS container.
> That is indeed a _far_ better solution than what I had in mind.
> As for LVM vs non-LVM, while I don't use LVM myself except for one
> system which I could wipe and reinstall right now if needed and not
> lose much more than some web browser settings; LVM _does_ offer a few
> niceties that are hard to get with plain partitions, and it is in
> widespread use. But I absolutely agree that it is an additional
> complex layer of things that can go wrong.

I agree to that. For a "throw-away" installtion that you just
wipe if things break, automated use of LVM is perfectly fine. 
For a complex installation that is carefully crafted due to 
special needs and with real understanding of the LVM details, 
it is perfectly fine too. 

Just in the middle, I do not think it has a place and I do think 
it is used far too often without a real need and increasing 
complexity without any real benefit. It is like it is used 
to get a longer "feature list" to sell.
> As a famous scientist once allegedly said: always make things as
> simple as possible, but never simpler.

And that is the trick. It is not easy, becuse making things simpler
as possible is about as bad as making them too complex and it
is pretty easy to mess up in that direction as well (and later
find out that you did shoot yourself in the foot...). 

As some other smart guy wrote: "There is no silver bullet". 
Every situation is difficult and there is no replacement for
understanding what is going on. One reason I like the discussions
here: People comming at it from different directions and backgrounds
and you get to compare different approaches.

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