[dm-crypt] LUKS header recovery attempt, bruteforce detection of AF-keyslot bit errors

protagonist protagonist at depressiverobots.com
Fri Nov 24 17:15:53 CET 2017

Hello Jindrich,
could you get in direct contact with me and send some further technical
information regarding the affected drive / partition info / filesystem /
SMART values / .. ?
I'd be happy to help.

On 24.11.2017 12:57, Jindrich Kolman wrote:
> About a week back, i was suddenly unable to open my luks-encrypted partition. Mysteriously, a day later, it then worked again, but since two days ago, i an again locked out. Would you be willing to share your code, protagonist?
>>My current memcmp of the first 512 bytes therefore works just as well on
>>LVM as on ext4 and has managed to find a bit flip on a deliberately
>>corrupted key slot.
>>However, this is bad news for my ultimate target of recovering the
>>actual master key of the SSD in question, as it seems my previous
>>1-error checks have been unsuccessful, but valid.

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