[dm-crypt] Help What is ./configure --with-crypto_backend=openssl for?

Tung Nguyen tungn at dnanexus.com
Wed Sep 20 01:38:38 CEST 2017

Dear Wizard(s),

Help! I really need your help to understand --with-crypto_backend flag.

I downloaded cryptsetup-1.7.5.tar.xz and noticed that configure -h
showed --with-crypto_backend=openssl. I wonder what that configure
flag is for?

Obviously, the root Makefile had
CRYPTO_LIBS = -lssl -lcrypto
OPENSSL_LIBS = -lssl -lcrypto

but how does dm-crypt relate or use openssl lib?

dm-crypt is a kernel module in the kernel storage struct and only calls
the kernel crypto APIs.
Openssl is the user space lib for SSL protocol as well as encryption.
So how can dm-crypt work with openssl?

Thank you so much! Looking forward to your answer.

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