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Unfortunately, it appears your HDD coincidentally failed and is effectively dead.  If it's new enough, it could be a warranty replacement.  If not, I fear that it is garbage.  Point is, you did nothing to break the drive.  You encountered bad luck.  (Or perhaps good luck as the drive would have failed soon anyway with data which you would have lost.)

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are you sure this message was hit me?

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2. My HDD did repetitive noises several hours (now that has
stopped), even after a reboot.

It's hard to diagnose simply based on "repetitive noises", but unless
you took specific steps to do otherwise, anything done by the pv | dd
command should have stopped no later than when you rebooted the


I suggest checking the SMART data to see how the drive is reporting
its own health. "smartctl --attributes /dev/sdb" as root should be a
start. In the SMART attributes list, look closely at any attribute
where the "VALUE" is close to "THRESH", or where "WHEN_FAILED" says
anything other than "-".

Other than that, I concur with Arno's analysis that it was likely just
a coincidence, possibly triggered by heavy I/O but unrelated to LUKS
as such.

Many HDD manufacturers release diagnostic tools for their products.  For example, Seagate "Seatools":

    https://www.seagate.com/suppor t/downloads/seatools/

I prefer bootable CD images, but some manufacturers only offer Windows executables.

I suggest that you get the tool for your HDD and run it to find out if your HDD is having problems.

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