[dm-crypt] Creating dm-crypt target from the second sector?

Lukáš Pohanka numberfour at seznam.cz
Fri Jan 5 10:09:42 CET 2018

I was trying to create dm-crypt target from a partition using the following

dmsetup create target_name --table "1 $DEV_SZ crypt aes-xts-plain64
abababab...ab 0 /dev/sdb1 0"

where $DEV_SZ is the total sector count of /dev/sdb1 minus 1. In other
words, I want the DM to just skip the first sector on /dev/sdb1 (as I want
to use that sector of sdb1 for a different purpose).

However, I got error:

device-mapper: table: 253:0: crypt: Gap in table
device-mapper: ioctl: error adding target to table

Is it possible for the device mapper to skip the first sector, or it simply
always has to start at 0?


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