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These are some linux related patches and modules that I wrote:

device-mapper targets:
	These targets apply on top of the current 2.6 kernel.
	You can find more information about experimental
	device-mapper targets at:
	The files here might be somewhat outdated, the other
	targets are merged into the kernel and where therefor
	removed from this page.

	Linear mapping to another block device, but reverses
	the order of all chunks. Target config syntax:
	<chunk_size 2^n> <dev_path> <start_sector>

	Basically a loop device target (file backed) for
	dm. Target config syntax: <file_path> <offset_bytes>

	My initrd for use with the 2.6 kernel when the root volume
	is on a LVM volume group. Uses libdevmapper 1.00.07 and
	LVM2 2.00.08 and binaries are optimized for Pentium 3
	machines. It supports partial activation on broken volume

	NEW: Supports pivot_root. If you give a real (non-devfs)
	device name like /dev/vg/root (for LVM volumes) instead
	of a numeric number and the device is found, the ramdisk
	tries to mount and pivot_root to it instead of letting
	the kernel do this. So you don't have to worry about
	changing device minors anymore (yay!). For lilo you
	should use append = "root=/dev/vg/root" instead of
	the root= command. You need to have an empty directory
	/initrd on your root file system.

	NEW: For non-devfs users: Experimental udev support.
	The existing block devices on the ramdisk are created
	via udev/sysfs on the fly. Works fine here.
	After booting you can find the results in /initrd/dev.

	The same, compilied for (newer) Athlon machines.

lilo patches:

lilo-22.5.7-devmapper.patch (by Kevin Corry, thx):
lilo-22.5.8-devmapper.patch (by Kevin Corry):
lilo-22.6-devmapper.patch (by Kevin Corry):
	Patches lilo so that lilo understand device-mapper
	block devices (only linear targets supported at
	the moment). Requires libdevmapper.
	Note: All 2.4, 2.5 (>= 2.5.69) and current 2.6 kernels
	should be supported. Works with LVM2 and EVMS (see with some

other stuff:

	Latest versions of my ORBit2 client stub bindings for PHP4.
	Unpack, run phpize, configure, make and make install to
	install the module. Load in the php.ini and you're
	ready. Please see the README for further details.
	CVS repository is at:
	cvs -z3 login
	<Enter "cvs" (without the quotes)>
	cvs -z3 co php-orbit
	Or see the web interface at

	I ported Buck Huppmann's rsync acl patch for rsync 2.5.6: to rsync 2.6.x.

	Playing with Galois field algebra as used for
	generating the Reed-Solomon codes used in the Linux
	RAID-6 implementation bei H. P. Anvin:
	Math is fun! :)

All work is released under the GPL (except if the file
contains a different license):

Please send questions, criticism, suggestions, ... to
Jana Saout <>